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G. Wolf Fagotino Model FG 5 /

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(Length: 84.5 cm – weight: 0.95 kg)

The fifth bassoon traditionally goes back to the tenordulzian. It sounds a fifth higher than the normal bassoon. It is particularly suitable as a children’s bassoon for early instrument lessons at music schools. Played in the treble clef, C voices are taken over without being transported. It is therefore particularly suitable as a mid-voice instrument in any ensemble. Modern bassoon reeds apply to the bass clef (transposed) and the tenor clef can be read untransposed as a bass clef.

Model Fg5 plus / Tiger with complete piano mechanism.

Our bassoons can be used in a variety of ways:
• as an alto and tenor instrument in an ensemble
• as a timbre in brass music
• as a bass in the recorder group
• as a solo instrument for historical and modern literature
• as a musical effect – optically and acoustically
• and of course as a children’s instrument for early instrumental lessons
(the youngest fifth bassoon student known to us was 3 1/2 years old)

Thanks to our many years of experience with small bassoons, we were able to launch a new generation with perfect playing characteristics. Our bassoons are made from sycamore maple with natural rubber lining like a normal bassoon. With a light approach with a normal bassoon reed, they are characterized by an even response with full sound from the lowest to the highest notes. The mood is stable in all positions with the usual bassoon fingering (models Fg 4 and Fg 5).

For your health!
Due to increasing allergies, our mechanics are generally silver-plated.